CAFOD’s Lent Family Fast Day is on Friday 26th February. The focus of their appeal this year is on providing clean accessible water to those who do not currently have it. They feature a young man called Abdella, who lives in a remote part of Ethiopia.  Every day, Abdella spends 10 hours walking to find water for his family. 

Over the next few weeks we will be providing more information about the appeal, and about how you can make donations, but this week, we wanted to let you know about ways in which you can help to raise funds and also get some exercise.

CAFOD is encouraging us to take part in two fundraising challenges:

Walk for Water. In this challenge, you agree to walk 10,000 steps every day during Lent. If you sign up for the challenge, your friends and family can encourage you by making donations. All donations go to the CAFOD appeal. If you want to sign up, just go to the CAFOD website and follow the instructions. Tell your friends and family how to donate, and then start walking!

Big Walk for Water.  If 10,000 steps a day for 40 days seems a bit too much, you can still raise funds by walking. CAFOD has asked for fundraisers to take part in the Big Walk for Water on 20th February. We cannot walk in groups, but we can still join in as individuals, as part of our daily exercise. There is no set place or distance; just do what you can. You can sign up for the challenge on the CAFOD website and your friends and family can encourage you by making donations; don’t forget to tell them how to donate.  Once again, all donations go to the CAFOD appeal. Over the next weeks we will pass on more information about the appeal, and how you can make donations.  
If you do sign up for these challenges, please let us know, so that we can include you in the parish fundraising team and we can see how much we are raising as a parish. To do this, email Malcolm at .