I do not know if everyone will agree with me when I say that whenever we are anticipating or waiting for something and then in the said process of anticipating and waiting finally the days are becoming closer and closer and in each and every one of us there is a kind of feeling of aspiration that we will be able to say: Yes, it is almost there or yes at last!

   As we are coming closer to the celebration of Christmas, our Gospel presented to us the account of the Annunciation of which it showed how God made the preparation in order for our Lord and Saviour to be brought forth into the world and dwelt among us. However, the distinguishing and notable part also is that of the very yes of the Blessed Virgin Mary which paved the way in having our Lord and Saviour. The said yes is not that of an aspiration but that of a conviction and determination of saying yes to the will of God. 

  On this last Sunday of Advent and the remaining days before Christmas let us also prepare ourselves so that like our Blessed Mother, we may also be able to say yes to the very will of God. As a consequence, we may be able also to give birth to our Lord Jesus Christ in the hearts and in the life of each and every one of us as we come to bring the same message that Jesus brought in coming into the world: the message of love, mercy, and compassion; the message of peace and unity; the message of liberty and healing; the message of loving service to our brothers and sisters. We carry the same kind of message, but it is now being expressed in different ways considering also our own giftedness and willingness to respond and to always say or utter our undying yes to the will of God. Likewise, in these remaining days before Christmas, it is only right and proper that we are being reminded once again of so great a yes and willingness of the Blessed Virgin Mary in responding to the will of God so that we may also ask her intercession to help us that like her we may also say “Let what you have said be done to me.” Let what God has planned come to fulfilment in each and every one of us as we say yes to His Most Holy Will.

Therefore, we all say yes because it is almost here and yet let us not also forget to say yes like the Blessed Virgin Mary. Yes, because it is almost near. Yes, let it be so or be done according to the will of God. 

May God bless us all!


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  • Day of Prayer for all Expectant Mothers:This Sunday, 20th December, there will be a special blessing for all expectant mothers. If you have any friends who are expecting babies, please invite them to join you when you come to Mass. 
  • Advent Penitential Rite & Confession:This will take place on Monday 21st December.  Everyone is encouraged to join us, to make a confession and prepare for Christmas. In order to avoid any risks, you may wish to make use of the opportunity for Confession on other days too.  There will be more priests available for confession. The programme is as follows: 6pm: Adoration & Confession, 7pm: Holy Mass, 7.30pm: Penitential Rite, 8.15pm: Night Prayers & Benediction.
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  • Feast of St. Stephen – 26th December – Mass with the Altar Servers:All our altar servers are expected to come and renew their commitment during 10am Mass. Due to current restrictions, they will not be able to sit on the sanctuary this year. They should remain in their own seats, in the front pews of the church, wearing their albs and medals and maintaining a safe distance.  
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  • RCIA Programme 2020-2021:The next session will take place on Monday 11th January at 7.45pm in the parish hall.  The topic for this session will be ‘Confirmation’. All are welcome! 
  • RIP: Please pray for the soul of Tony Callaghan who died on 4th December. He will be received into church at 4pm on Monday 11th January and his Requiem Mass will be at 11:30am on Tuesday 12th January. Please remember his wife, Carol, in your prayers at this sad time.  (Please note that, until restrictions are lifted, attendance at all funerals is by family invitation only. We appreciate your understanding and support in this matter.)
  • RIP: Please pray for the soul of Terence James Egan (Tez) who died on Saturday 5th December. May he rest in peace. His Requiem Mass will take place in our church on Wednesday 30th December at 11:30am.
  • RIP: Please pray for the soul of Pauline Elsie Margaret Clark who passed away on 23rd November. Her funeral service will be held at Streetly Crematorium on Monday 4th January.
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Sunday and Weekday Masses

DateTimeChurch/PlaceMass IntentionOffered By
Saturday 19th
Novena for Christmas Day 4
5:30pm 6.00pm 6.00pmSt. Mary’s St. Patrick’s St. Thomas’sMargaret Heavin – RIP, DAJ Heavin
Sunday 20th  Fourth Sunday  of Advent
Novena for Christmas Day 5
9:00am 10:00am 10:00am 11:00am
St. Mary’s St. Patrick’s St. Thomas  St. Mary’s
St. Patrick’s
Tony Callaghan – RIP Holy Mass Holy Mass Zara & Michael – RIP Peter Joseph Fenlon Holy MassP Horton

A Johnson V Fenlon
Monday 21st   St. Peter Canisius Priest & Doctor of the Church
Novena for Christmas Day 6

9.30am 10.00am
6:00pm 7:00pm

7:30pm 8:15pm
St. Mary’s St. Mary’s
St. Mary’s St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s St. Mary’s
Holy Rosary Eddie Frankham – RIP Margaret Greer – RIP, DA Adoration & Confession Lorraine Darby – H Joseph & Brenda Jennings – RIP Penitential Rite Night Prayers & Benediction
M Frankham Kath Gerrett
Ann Maybury Freda Hacket
Tuesday 22nd 
Novena for Christmas Day 7
9:30am 10:00amSt. Mary’s St. Mary’sHoly Rosary Peggy McGill – RIP Eileen Sale – H
P Power Angela Gonsalves
Wednesday 23rd  St. John of Kanty Priest6:00pm 7:00pmSt. Mary’s St. Mary’sAdoration for Vocations Lorraine Darby – H

Thursday 24th 
Novena for Christmas Day 8
5:30pm 6:00pm 11:30pm 12 MidnightSt. Mary’s St. Mary’s St. Mary’s St. Mary’s
Carol Service Christmas Folk Mass Parish Carol Service Christmas Midnight Mass

Pro Populo
Pro Populo
Friday 25th Solemnity of The Nativity  of the Lord 9:00am 10.00am 10.00am 11:00amSt. Mary’s St. Patrick’s St. Thomas’s St. Mary’sCanon Taylor – RIP Christmas Solemn Mass Christmas Solemn Mass ThanksgivingMary Hughes

Yoong & Henery Families
Saturday 26th  St. Stephen First Martyr   Mass with the Altar Servers – Renewal of Commitment
10:00am 5:30pm 6:30pm 6:30pmSt. Mary’s St. Mary’s St. Patrick’s St. ThomasSheila Revill – RIP Terence Egan – RIP Holy Mass Holy Mass
David Dilkes M Powell
Sunday 27th  The Holy Family9:00am 11:00am
St. Mary’s St. Mary’s
John Carter – RIP Vernon William – RIPPaul Donnellan V Fenlon

Let us pray for those who are sick:

Lorraine Darby, Mavourneen Smith, Marie Hornblower, Judith Dunthorne, Patricia Davies, Angela Gonsalves, Margaret Powell, Matthew McGill, Dr. Petroc Willey, Lee Chit Wei, Margaret Abbot, Susan Naughton, Mrs K Carter, Carol Callaghan, Jo Baker, Mrs Small, Peter Corrigan, Josie Kelleher, Gilbert Wilkes, Doris White.