If you struggled to record your part for the carol service:

We will be recording parts on Saturday 12th December in the parish hall. This will start at 2pm. Anyone is welcome to take part and join in – this is your last chance to do so!!

If you would like to take part:
Please email our organist Sam Morgan at samueljmorgan@outlook.com so we have an idea of numbers.

What to bring and how this will work:

  • Please arrive at around 2pm and enter the Parish hall.
  • Enter into the main room and be seated.
  • You will be called forward into the smaller room for recording
  • Please continue to wear a face covering
  • You may remove it when advised to do so
  • Once recording has finished please leave the room via the side door and exit the parish hall.
  • The recording process must be one at a time.
  • You only need to bring a face covering with you

We look forward to getting many more recordings.

Thank you.