How to reserve a mass seat online

You can now reserve a mass seat online on our website.  This will only be for certain masses listed on our online mass reservation page.

Below is a brief step by step guideline of how to reserve a mass seat online.

Step 1 : Select the mass you wish to attend

Mass times will be shown as per the diagram above and those where you can reserve a seat will have a blue button with the text “Reserve a seat” that you can click on

Step 2 : Select the date

When you click on the blue button a pop up calendar will appear.  You can only select a date that is highlighted in light blue.  The available dates will be limited to the current week so normally you will only have one available date for the mass you have selected.  There may be no available dates to select and this could be because all the online reservations have been taken for that particular mass.

Step 3 : Select the time and confirm

Once you click on the date a time will appear.  This will normally be set to the mass you selected in Step 1.  You can click on the time then click on the confirm button as shown below.  The actual reservation only happens in Step 4 so the confirm button is just to move to the next step.

Step 4 : Fill in your details and Submit

You can now enter a few details including your name, email address and if you will be attending alone or with family.  Once you submit these details you will receive an email confirming your reservation.

You will also receive an email 24 Hours before the mass.  You will be redirected to a confirmation page with additional details.