Dear Parishioners,

Following the guidelines of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales for the Holy Week 2020, the liturgies of this Holy Week will be celebrated without the presence of the faithful. The Faithful are dispensed from the Easter Duties (For full details please visit:

I am certain that all of you are aware of your Easter Duties; that is to receive Holy Communion during the Easter Season and by custom, to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation beforehand.  Since it is not possible for the faithful to receive Holy Communion and reconciliation at this time the Bishops of England and Wales have dispensed the Easter Duties for the year 2020. The Bishops have asked that all should make a Perfect Act of Contrition at this time.  Perfect contrition (or a Contrition of Charity) is the true and real sorrow for our sins which is created when we realise the immense love of God for each one of us.  We express this contrition when we realise how we offend God by our sinful words, deeds and omissions in contrast to the immeasurable love and mercy that He continually shows us. This requires us to be contrite of heart for what we have done, know and be overwhelmed by the love and mercy of God for His children, and to approach this grace with humility and resolution not to sin again.

Palm Sunday: We will be using the simple form (3rd form) of the Roman Missal which doesn’t have the blessing of the Palms. Therefore, I will bless the palms separately from the liturgy and they will be available for you to take home at a later date when travel becomes possible.

Chrism Mass: This will also take place at a later stage and until then the Holy Oil from last year will be used.

Mass of the Lord’s Supper: The Mass will be celebrated only by the priest without the washing of the feet and the procession to the Altar of Repose. The reserved Blessed Sacrament will be kept in the Tabernacle. We will have adoration of the Blessed Sacrament during which the priest will make a renewal of Priestly Commitment.  This will conclude with the night prayers.

Good Friday: This celebration will take place without the faithful. There will be a special intention for the afflicted in time of pandemic at the time of the Solemn Intercessions.  At the time of the veneration of the Cross those who are able are expected to kneel in veneration of the Cross when the priest kneels before Cross. There will be Stations of the Cross at 7pm.

The Easter Vigil:  All the Faithful are expected to join this most important celebration from home. The preparation of the fire is omitted, and the Paschal Candle is lit. We will renew our Baptismal Promises without the blessing of the water.

            All the liturgical celebrations will be live-streamed. Please look into the guidelines for how to prepare for the live-streaming of Holy Mass. The times of each celebration can be found on page 4 of this Newsletter.

            I wish you all a fruitful spiritual celebration of the Holy Week Liturgies. Missing and praying for all of you at this difficult time.

Fr. Jobin Kollappallil SDV

Parish Priest